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Vulcain R&D


Building on our expertise in engineering and offshore structures, Vulcain launched a research programme on offshore wind energy in 2018.

The R&D centre is developing a calculation tool capable of assessing the stresses on a floating wind turbine seen as a whole (effects of waves, currents, wind, anchoring tensions). In 2019, a hydrodynamic calculation module was completed. It allows the calculation of wave forces and current forces on the float.

The aim is to develop a calculation tool that is sufficiently accurate within reasonable calculation times with an optimized modular data structure.


Collaborations and partnerships :
  • Collaboration with the International Wind Energy Agency
  • Offshore code comparisons
  • Validation of calculation tools for floating wind turbines, tests and comparisons before validation of calculations
Contribution :
  • Offer support and R&D expertise to our customers’ needs
  • Develop and carry out robust simulations in fluid mechanics
  • Create a training incubator on floating wind turbines for our employees
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