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Extension of line 14 Paris metro


This 2-stage project will extend this automatic line to the North and South.

In the North, the extension of line 14 from Saint-Lazare to Mairie de Saint-Ouen has the objective of reducing the pressure on line 13. With four new stations (Pont Cardinet, Porte de Clichy, Saint-Ouen and Mairie de Saint-Ouen), line 14 will serve districts in the northwestern part of the metropolitan area that are undergoing rapid development from the end of 2020.

To the south, the extension of line 14 consists of 7 new stations from “Maison-Blanche Paris XIII “ in the 13th district of Paris to Orly Airport in Essonne and will be in service by 2024.


Assistance to MOEG with the technical trades for the St Ouen town hall station, tunnels and ancillary works :
  • Management of the performance limits of the different lots
  • Macroscopic job scheduling with OPC
  • Synthesis and progress meeting with TPOs
  • Management of technical interfaces
  • Management of phasing and sub-activities
  • ICC management/life-bases/businesses
secteur infrastructures vulcain engineering
Ile-de-France - France
Completion date
2020 et 2024
RATP logo client vulcain engineering

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