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SNA Barracuda


True strategic assets for France, the Nuclear Attack Submarines fulfil many missions to ensure France’s national safety. In order to keep at the highest technological level, a new version of the SNA was developed: the BARRACUDA. Six submarines will replace the old fleet, starting with the Suffren, which will come into active service at the end of 2020.


Site infrastructure :

In order to receive the Barracuda in Toulon, many modifications had to be made to the site’s infrastructures to adapt to the technical specificities of the submarine:

  • Operational management of complex systems engineering
  • Management of programme requirements and their progress, configuration management and monitoring of compliance feedback.
  • Compliance with cost, deadline and performance commitments
  • Optimisation of data management
  • Participation in the digitisation of maintenance
Toulon, France
Completion date
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