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Energy - Nuclear Power

In the South of France, 35 countries are involved in the construction of the largest tokamak ever designed, a machine that will demonstrate that fusion – the energy of the Sun and stars – can be used as non-carbon emitting and virtually limitless energy.

ITER will be the first fusion device capable of producing a net amount of energy. The machine will create a long-duration burning plasma and will also test, for the first time, the technologies, materials and plasma regimes required to build Fusion Power Plant on a commercial scale.


Pipework engineering :
  • Piping modelling and support calculation on the building B11L2
  • Consistency verification of the 3D model with the fire P&ID
  • Piping Support Calculation and Anchor checking
  • Supervision de la construction et contrôles qualité des bâtiments B61 et B50
Construction supervision and quality :
  • Construction supervision and quality control of the B61 and B50 buildings
  • Site supervision of piping installations
  • Building Inspection B50 – B61 and B15 with Master Punch List Management
  • Welding Quality control and Inspection
Completion date
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