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Redevelopment of Gare du Nord station in Paris


Europe’s busiest station with more than 700,000 passengers every day (excluding the metro), “Gare du Nord” is expected to welcome more than 800,000 in 2024, and 900,000 in 2030, according to SNCF projections. The project includes redeveloping “Gare du Nord” by 2024, extending the T3 West tramway and making SNCF stations in the Paris region more accessible.


New structural studies :
  • Calculation and dimensioning of the steel structure and reinforced concrete
  • Design and dimensioning of engineering structures and underground works
  • Verification of the resistance of existing structures
Project management and monitoring :
  • Management of the production of plans
  • Establishment of work phases
  • Analysis of constraints and proposal of technical solutions
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Paris - France
Completion date
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