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Energy - Nuclear Power

EDF Energy subsidiary NNB (HPC) GenCo is building two European Pressurized Reactors (EPR) at Hinkley Point C site. The power station will generate 3.2 Gigawatts of power and will supply nearly 7% of the UK’s electricity requirements.
NNB (HPC) GenCo, is a partnership beween EDF Energy and the Chinese company CGN who intend to build then operate and decommission Hinkley Point C.


Design support in several engineering disciplines :
  • Civil engineering: drawing up plans using Tekla, reinforced concrete design, structural analysis and calculations, technical management of the buildings on the nuclear island, de-clashing between anchors and reinforcement, on-site handling of non-conformity issues
  • Piping engineering: layout, installation procedure optimisation and specification
  • Mechanical engineering: pump sizing
Project controls, expediting and quality :
  • Cost, risk and contract management
  • Expediting: monitoring and evaluation of equipment suppliers (pumps, valves,…) in France and Europe
  • Manufacturing follow-up with suppliers of large components (tanks, steam generator, …)
  • Inspection & non-destructive testing on mechanical equipment
Bridgwater - UK
Completion date
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